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What We Offer

Building Skills – Building Leadership – Building Relationships

Q2 Management offers an engaging service oriented environment.  We strive to achieve the highest standards of communication.  We use language that demonstrates honesty, transparency, care and active listening, with an understanding of the “why’s”,  to create an environment that empowers every team member to make impactful actions, every day.  

Q2 Management offers benefits that support employee well being, including paid and unpaid time off to support our dedicated team at work and at home.


Competitive remuneration

2 weeks of vacation +


Health & Vision Benefits

Wellness Support 

Desirable shift & travel premiums

Relocation Support

Building Vehicles, The Same Way We Build Employees– With Quality And With Care

Q2 Management fosters an environment in which employees can further their skillsets, experience, personal and professional growth.  We believe in the philosophy of hiring for attitude and training for skills.


Career Development

Q2 strives to provide a fair work and advancement opportunity environment.  Our goal is to provide training and development to all staff.

We post our opportunities on our Human Capital Management System, UKG. 

We encourage employees to watch for new opportunities and apply to those that interest them.

We believe in the philosophy of hiring for attitude and training for skills.

Personal Growth

Q2 Management can provide opportunities for personal growth through travel opportunities to alternate job sites and locations in Ontario and the US. 

Our transition support leaders are an essential component in our continued growth and development.  


The health and safety of our employees is paramount. The Company strives to provide a safe work environment for all employees and complies with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations. Ensuring a safe work environment requires everyone’s assistance and vigilance.

Employee Responsibility – “Safety Begins With Me”

The Company relies on its employees to contribute to a safe work environment. Employees should adopt a “safety begins with me” approach in the workplace. 


Flexible Work Arrangements

As part of a broader strategy to promote a positive, effective and productive work environment, the Company supports flexible work arrangements that are feasible and make good business sense.



    Q2  Management provides paid holidays to eligible employees.


    Employees are eligible for observed Federal holidays as follows:

    • We observe nine (9) paid holidays in Canada and the US.



    Q2 Management believes that time off from work is important to the health and well-being of employees and helps people recharge and rejuvenate themselves.

    The Company provides paid vacation time to eligible employees and encourages employees to use their accrued vacation days.


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    Immediate Support

    For immediate support across North America, please contact us at 888-510-0664.

    Q2 Management can provide integrated support in Mexico and Europe through our partner network.