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Our Company

Q2 Management Inc is a provider of Quality Inspection and Containment services to the automotive OEM supply chain. With branches supporting the United States and Canada, Q2 Management delivers benchmark service standards supported by our industry leading Quality Inspection Management System InspeQ Tech®.

Our History

When I founded Q2 Management back in 2002, I was already a Quality Engineer at Faurecia, a large automotive interiors manufacturer. I saw an opportunity to bring my expertise in process engineering and quality control to help other automotive manufacturers improve their vehicles.

This is the most dynamic time to be a part of Q2 Management and I feel privileged to have an opportunity to lead a diverse and talented team of more than 700 people, supporting hundreds of customers across the United States and Canada. Together, we use the systems and processes that are the foundation of Q2’s success, to help ensure that every vehicle we touch is safer, is more mechanically sound, or is visually perfect, for the consumer.

Our company strives to achieve the highest standards of communication. We use language that demonstrates honesty, transparency, care and active listening, with an understanding of the “why’s,” to create an environment that empowers every team member to make impactful actions, every day.

This is an organization, and a vision, I’m proud to lead.

Michael A. Albert

Chief Executive Officer
Q2 Management, Inc.

Our Vision

We are an organization driven by the highest standards of communication, using language that demonstrates honesty, transparency, care and active listening, with an understanding of the “why’s”, that results in an environment which empowers all to take daily impactful actions.

We must never take our role for granted. Our Company recognizes that our continued success depends upon building a team that achieves together.

A committed and valued team is a vigilant team.

Our commitment is to foster a workplace where everyone feels valued, can ask “why,” and can make impactful actions, every day. In the end, only together can we stop that car breakdown, repair or accident.

Quality Standards The 5 Keys

The Company’s Quality Standards provide employees with the information, resources and tools necessary to make decisions that are ethical and provide service excellence. All employees (including temporary, part-time and seasonal employees) are expected to read and adhere to the Quality Standards and to use them to guide the way they act.

There are five principles, or “keys”, that serve as the foundation of the Company’s Quality Standards – the 5 Keys:

  • Safety: I practice safe behaviors in everything I do; I take action to always put safety first; I maintain a safe and tidy work site;
  • Responsiveness: I am attentive to and acknowledge customer’s needs; I take action in a timely manner; I take ownership of tasks and follow them through to completion;
  • Knowledgeable: I seek the knowledge I need to make informed decisions; I seek the knowledge I need to effectively complete my tasks; I ensure I understand and communicate the “Whys”; I understand the impact of my actions;
  • Care: I am a conscientious guest at all times; I pursue outcomes that meet customers’ needs and expectations; I actively look for opportunities to improve the customers’ experience;
  • Courtesy: I am respectful to customers and coworkers; I treat others how I would like to be treated; I am polite and maintain a positive attitude;

These principles define not only the operating principles of our Company, but also the spirit of our vision to create an environment which empowers every employee to take daily impactful actions.

We rely on our employees to use the Quality Standards – the 5 Keys – as well as their good judgement to guide their behavior and to ask questions if they are ever unsure of the proper course of action.

Leaders have an even greater responsibility to actively model ethical behavior, promote the 5 Keys, and foster a workplace where employees feel comfortable asking questions and coming forward with concerns. It is up to you to earn the trust and respect of your team members.

Employees can direct questions or concerns about ethics, or the Quality Standards – the 5 Keys, to their direct leader, Human Resources, or any senior leader in the Company.

Our Values

black luxury car headlight inspected by Q2 Management Inc.

Immediate Support

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