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Enhanced Supplier Management Program (ESM)

When a non-conforming part(s) enters the supply chain, the “just in time” context of the automotive manufacturing supply chain requires rapid and thorough management response. This will isolate and contain suspect shipments. We work to protect both upstream and downstream stakeholders.

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Time Management


Significant delays may exist in response to managing the issue. The time of day and nature of the issue factor into these delays. Responsiveness may be less than optimal due to a range of circumstances. These circumstances include, but are not limited to:


  • Contacting key decision makers
  • Hours of operation (suppliers)
  • Timezone inconsistencies (supplier location)
  • Ownership of issue

Reducing exposure

Effective Efficiency

Q2’s Enhanced Supplier Management program (ESM) assists in supporting the effectiveness of the supply chain. It significantly reduces the response time. First, A quick response time is required to manage incidents of non-conforming parts entering the supply chain.

Further, suppliers of suspected non-conforming parts will reduce their exposure and possible liability with a much more rapid containment of “quality spills.”

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Immediate Support

For immediate support across North America, please contact us at 888-510-0664.

Q2 Management can provide integrated support in Mexico and Europe through our partner network.