InspeQ Tech®

Leading Edge Technology that Improves Quality and Efficiency

InspeQ Tech® is our proprietary Quality Inspection Management System (QMS) – US Patent No. 9,031,990 – designed to power inspection activities and provide real time and historic reporting. It sets the standard for third-party inspection and containment by centralizing activity records into a dashboard for quick review that can support management decision-making.

InspeQ Tech features

  • Provides assembly facilities with desktop/remote access to all current and historic post production quality activities conducted within their plant, yard and/or supply chain
  • Consolidated and centralized repository of activity documentation and outcomes
  • Immediate and sustaining transparency of current and historic activities supporting Layered Process Audit management review and reporting
  • Desktop or remote approval/revision protocol of facility hosted and/or supply chain post production quality activities
  • Instantaneous shared learning for all related current and future activities within the facility and/or supply chain
  • Offers significantly improved management productivity through access to contemporaneous activity identification and approval for both local and off site decision-makers including distant suppliers
  • Provides immediate outcome reporting including quality challenges, trends and productivity

InspeQ Tech®

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